Keepsake is an interactive, informative and site-specific installation in the Teatro Marinoni, a long-abandoned and now threatened theatre on Venice’s Lido.It aims to resurrect, in a fragmentary and meditative way, the sights and sounds of the theatre in the 1930s, when it gave joy, serenity and fun to the patients of the neighbouring seaside hospital.The participants become keepers of the place’s memories. Through them the theatre becomes alive again and makes people aware of its value.

Keepsake allows people to live a romantic and melancholic experience that, through sound and images, introduces them to the history of the theatre and its lived past. The installation is a invisible system that is sensitive and responsive to the presence of people. When a person walks through the theatre something unexpected happens: he is surrounded by the sound of the sea and a big photo appears on all the windows. Looking through them the user is able to see the sights that characterized the place in the past. The interaction is very intuitive: a person’s presence elicits the response of the system, requiring no intentional action.

For the prototype we recreated the visual and sound experience of the real installation in a specific room. Because of the small size of the room we decided to simulate the projection of only two windows, in a reduced scale. Space and code were studied together in order to create a convincing prototype. We reduced not only the scale of the projection, but every element that compose our prototype setup was adapted to the room. The Prototype system is composed by: a projector, placed in front of the wall projection a webcam that detects the person’s movement a laptop to processes data, connected to the projector and the speakers.


The installation is located in Teatro Marinoni, one of the many abandoned derelict buildings in the Ospedale al Mare complex in the Lido of Venice.

It was created in 1926 to replace a previous leisure centre, and was a gift to the residents of Venice by the man who built it, Mario Marinoni.

We chose this place because it is a very evocative and attractive one, just steps from the sea, that besides being a beautiful theatre was also a special place in which the patients could practice heliotherapy and took advantage from the benefits of sun exposure.Now it is a public space but it risks to disappear and become an hotel-restaurant complex.

I explored the past history and imagery of the site in the theatre, with an aim, to create an ambience which demonstrated an imagery relating to the site chosen. By exploring the Giacomelli Found the team and I extrapolated the imagery best adapt for the development of the project. During the detail design it was nice to work on issues related to the implementation of the prototypes. I have been involved in the setup and implementation of the physical facilities required for the installation.

I was involved in preparing the 3D models of the theater in order to decide in detail the technological requirements and further improve the audio necessary for the sound quality of the installation. Alongside Claudia I filmed explanatory videos that simulate the experience of the installation and prototype and then during post production I edited the visuals and sounds of the film to create the desired ambience for the project in question.