Me too signals a possible hyperglycemia or hypoglycemia by crossing the values of biological parameters and giving a forecast of trends in the short term.

The body signals that me too reads are: the heartbeat, the breathing and the sweating of the skin. These parameters are out of range when the body starts working to rebalance the glycemic values.

The hypothesis is try to predicting glycemic crises and intervening before severe symptoms such as confusion or vision impairment obstruct normal control and correction with sugars or insulin.

Me too is a non-invasive holter, which leaves no trace on the skin, which does not need harnesses for fixing and does not require special clothing to be applied

The reports from Me too to the person are made through two strips of LEDs for the qualitative reporting of the crisis, and through vibrations for the threshold alarm exceeded.

The glycemic trends in the use of Me too are then confirmed with the use of a blood glucose meters, that the person with diabetes always carries with him, to have an exact quantitative parameter of the correction to be made.