Me too signals possible hyperglycemia or hypoglycemia by cross-referencing biological parameter values and giving a prediction of short-term trends.

The body signals that read me too are: heart rate, breathing and sweating. These parameters are out of range when the body starts working to rebalance blood sugar levels.

The thesis on which this product concept is based is that it is possible to predict glycemic crises and intervene before severe symptoms, such as confusion or visual disturbances, hinder normal control and correction with sugar or insulin.

Me too is a noninvasive holter that leaves no trace on the skin, requires no harness for attachment, and requires no special clothing for application.

The feedback that da Me too returns to the person wearing it is of two types, visual and tactile. The former signal the severity of the possible crisis the latter are used to indicate that glycemic index thresholds have been exceeded.

Glycemic trends in the use of Me too are then confirmed with the use of a glucometer, which the person with diabetes carries with him or her at all times, to have an exact quantitative parameter of the correction to be made.