Game realised during a physical computing workshop at the Iuav University of Venice


Wrap me Up

Wrap me Up is inspired by the famous video game Frogger.

The objective of the game is to help a frog cross a busy street of cars, trying to avoid cars coming in two directions.

We designed a dynamic game involving several physical objects, using Arduino and Processing technology.

Wrap me is made up of a vertical wall, where the busy road is projected, and the game’s protagonist, a paper frog, which physically crosses the area delimited by the screen.

To make the physical part (the frog) and the virtual part (the cars and the road) interact, we built the frog out of cardboard and attached a light sensor to it. Thanks to a servomotor and a potentiometer, it is possible to move the frog up and down in an attempt to bring it to safety and win the game.