Mosaicoon is an italian Tech company currently working on a digital platform for video makers, producers and commercial brands to conceive, realize and distribute videos on the web.

Our main priority was to bring all Mosaicoon’s departments on board and understand their needs through stakeholder interviews and workshops.
Involving the technical team in this phase helped us identify opportunities as well as technical difficulties and define timings and costs.

The outcome of this phase was a vision piece that aimed at a win-win situation between the end users and our stakeholders.

SME Interviews

It wasn’t possible for our team to run user interviews due to tight timings and lack of resources, although we were able to talk to the Subject matter expert team which was able to give us really good insights about our customers, their objectives and their purchasing processes and mindsets.




The outcome of our research process outlined above was a set of high level personas which guided the product team throughout the design and development phase.


Brand Interviews

To get the bigger picture around branding and global vision for Mosaicoon’s products, it was key to interview the CEO who talked us through the company’s comms documentation and guidelines.

Mood, Function and Content

With a great understanding of user and business needs we were able to finally define our backlog of functionalities and prioritise them to get to the definition of an MVP.

IA diagram

We had defined the set of information and its hierarchy.


Content map

Generating content maps helped us define a number of content types, high level templates an modules throughout the platform.

Home look & fell

As a parallel work stream, our look and feel guidelines were being developed. Our research work involving the key stakeholders and end users highly informed the visual direction and tone of voice of the platform.


Desktop view

Tablet view

Mobile view