Founded in 2010 in Sicily, Italy, Mosaicoon was a tech startup whose goal was to become the reference point for creatives and brands in the field of Online Video Advertising.

In its maximum expansion period it counted 140+ employees in 6 countries and won the Italian prize for innovation and recognized among the Top 15 best European Scaleup.

The redesign of the site was born at the time when Mosaicoon was still a hybrid reality with at its core the video production department but also two proprietary platforms for web video distribution and tracking of distribution results.

In this scenario, it was useful to engage key stakeholders from the business departments through interviews and workshops, with the aim of fully outlining the business objectives.
Involving the technical team at this stage helped us identify opportunities and technical difficulties and define time and cost.

SME Interviews

It was not possible for our team to interview target users due to tight timeframes and lack of resources, but it was possible to talk to internal stakeholders to trace useful information to define project personas.



The result of the research was summarized in the personas, which guided the team during the design and development phase.

Brand Interviews

In order to get a broader picture of the Brand and the overall vision of Mosaicoon’s products, it was essential to interview the CEO, thus painting a clearer picture of the positioning and changes taking place.

Mood, Function and Content

With a great understanding of user and business needs, we were finally able to define our project MVP and related Backlog.

IA diagram

The next step was to define the information architecture within the site


Content map

The content map helped us define the type of content and interaction patterns and UI elements we could use throughout the site.

Home look & fell

The results of interviews, mood research and continuous sharing with internal stakeholders helped to outline the look and feel best suited to the project’s purpose.